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Granny square crochet coaster pattern

Granny square crochet coaster pattern

Crochet coaster is a great companion for your favorite coffee or tea cup. Made of vivid colors it will bring a hint of optimism even to a dull rainy day. One of the easiest ways of crocheting a coaster is using a well know pattern, like famous granny square that was used to create this item.

Today we invite you to crochet a nice granny square coaster made by Daria especially for Darievna.ru. It’s time to check yarn leftovers selecting the best colors and crochet your beloved coffee mug a handsome friend-coaster!

You can use any colors you like or even make a one-colored coaster. Thanks to adding a row of Back Post half double crochet (BPhdc) stitches and finishing work with a row of Crab Stitches (sometimes it is also called reversed single crochet) this pattern will look great in all variations.

For crochet coasters you see on the photos I used organic cotton 50 gr/117 yards and a hook 3,75 mm (F).

The size of finished item is 13 cm x 13 cm

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