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Inchworm Robot — Modular, Move Allsides With BT App

All the robots are the inspiration of some natural things. In worms, Inchworm has some special features its walk quickly and its so cute. The dream about making inchworm robot is start when i am 15 years old in my school days, i never see the inchworm before. In a Camp when sitting on the ground at the first time i see inchworm. I like it very much. But now a days i see lakhs of inchworms in our factory, even though i like it very much. When i start making robots i think lot of ways to make a robot like inchworm. Now only i got a full structure and it also come out very beautiful.

I make a Arduino app to control the robot. It move in all directions and we also able to change the speed.

I cant able to make it to the real size of inchworm, that’s the secret of God’s creation.

Its very easy to build and it works very nice and kids like it very much, Only hard work is to compact the circuit with in the worm and correct the wiring, but when complete it looks so good. Its take me more than 20 days from design to my table (because daily done some changes to make it work properly as per my expectation because last robot work very slowly and need some help).

Lets start the Story of the Inchworm.

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